In addition to cutting down application development cycles, Virtue Software Solutions Application Development and Maintenance can improve service levels across the design, deployment, and management of either your commercial or custom applications. We can help identify and minimize ongoing maintenance costs and let you know how quickly a new application will pay for itself. To help you deliver more agile application support and improve end-user experience, we mobilize over 1000 architects, system engineers, and developers located around the globe-each with decades of experience in developing and maintaining applications.

Application Development & Monitoring

Development tools and services to guide you through a full life-cycle of your application.

Virtue Software Solutions provides planning, creation, testing and deployment services to deliver on each phase of your projects. We draw on best practises and industry standards to develop systems and applications that are cost-effective and will exceed your expectations.

Reduce cycle time-to-market

  • Provide quality software faster to line-of-business end-users.
  • Leverage proven tools and techniques, plus 24×7 development across global resources for faster delivery
  • 24-hour global model with US as customer point of contact
  • Expertise in Agile Development
  • Proprietary ready-to-deploy best practises and tools to expedite projects

Eliminate production issues

Leverage a single help desk, plus infrastructure and management services that leverage enterprise tools.

  • Recent results: reduced maintenance by 1/3 while improving service levels for 2000+ applications
  • Single Help Desk and Infrastructure and Application Management services
  • Enterprise tools

Manage cost and budget pressures

Leverage tools and expertise to deliver projects on budget and on time. Automate and optimize design, development, monitoring and management. Optimize portfolios for maximum performance, scalability and stability.

  • One-stop-shop for full life cycle support, including strategy, transformation, rationalization, implementation, integration, hosting and maintenance
  • Experience delivering not just applications, but business value (on time and within budget)
  • Predictable and flexible cost models, tailored to your business needs
  • Metrics driven project management with strong governance and delivery ownership

Bridge resource and skill gaps

Virtue Software Solutions expert resources have practical, hands-on experience implementing focused development and management techniques in mobile, web, content and eCommerce environments—all of which can be leveraged in a cloud or hosted environment, or as part of environment management improvements.

  • Mobile, Web, Content, eCommerce development services
  • Experience in latest technologies and tools
  • Thousands of skilled and experienced resources:
  • Proven best practises, built from experience transitioning 2000+ applications to offshore
  • High security zones for sensitive projects and data

Virtue Software Solutions offers end-to-end application services—design, deployment and management—for custom-developed solutions.

Advisory Services

Our experts will counsel with you on application assessments, road maps and strategic reviews to help you optimize your application portfolio.

  • Transformation Programs
  • Architecture and Roadmaps
  • Application Rationalization
  • Software Vendor and Asset Management
  • Performance Modeling
  • Scalability Analysis
  • Application Stability
  • Volume and Break-point Validation


We help with development, testing, and implementation services across a variety of domain areas and technologies.

  • Web and Custom Application Development: JAVA, .NET, etc.
  • Content Management: SharePoint
  • Mobile: iOS, Android
  • Legacy Technologies
  • SOA/ API Framework
  • Open Source Solutions: JBoss, Drupal, Alfresco
  • eCommerce Solutions: Hybris, Magento


Our experts provide a range of services to stabilise, maintain and enhance existing capabilities.

  • Monitoring and Tier 2/3 Support
  • Defect Resolution
  • Minor and Major Enhancements


  • Proven experience in providing design, development and support services to over 100 product-driven programs annually.
  • Highly trained and skilled global resource base, well-versed in industry-leading architecture frameworks, requirements management, and software development and delivery methodologies.
  • One-stop shop for all your application and system needs, providing a comprehensive set of capabilities and flexible, cost-effective engagement models.
  • Experience in managing complex and rigorous development requirements involving large-scale system environments and heterogeneous technologies and solutions.